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Welcome to the Tales of Hetalia Wiki Tales of Hetalia is a Hetalia fangame on YouTube, created by Sailorearth10. The series is currently ongoing and the Wiki can be edited by anyone who would like to help!


Tales of Hetalia is a Hetalia fangame created by Sailorearth10. It is made with RPG Maker XP, like RomaHeta and HetaOni.

Tales of Hetalia Part 1 [REMAKE]

Tales of Hetalia Playlist

The series is known for its story, allusions to the Tales series, and use of original characters. The most well known is Lilette Einmell, a main character and party member.

Brief Summary:

In a land where humans and demons cannot co-exist, it is up to the Allies and Axis forces to awaken as the world's saviors, the Eight Judges of Rukassia. With the demons against them and the ruthless church burdening the Judges, they must find a way to achieve peace, and find a way home.

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